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Well hi there guys ;) my friend set me up with this website, so I can make a few xxx-tra bucks. As i am typing this im getting pretty xxxcited. I have something most girls do not have...... 36i ALL NATURAL BREASTS... YES!! thats right 36i.. not a typo ;).. Im 26 years old, 5'5 and latina... o did i mention.. im shaved :P Well email me your phone number and name and preferably a picture of yourself.. and ill call you up right away.. and we can discuss when and where i can give your my full body massage.... and you can massage my big full breasts :P here are some of my pictures, and ITS ME!..
YOU, have to email me your name, number, and picture
Its A REQUIRED DONATION of $200 per hour
WE meet at a public place, like a Mall or something.
IF i feel comfortable, then I require the $150 THEN.
After that, Its the Full service, massage whatever ;)

Monique ;)

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